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♡ Easy Valentines Day DIY: Heart Paper Chain ♡ tutorial video

Another useful video on Home DIY decoration.


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-Color-Aid Full Set (314 colours – 4.5×6")
-Scissors/Paper Cutter

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25 thoughts on “♡ Easy Valentines Day DIY: Heart Paper Chain ♡ tutorial video

  1. Where did u get your bed spread 

  2. thx thats awesome of course i well try it!!! 

  3. I made this and it turned out really well, it’s above my curtains and looks
    awesome! Thanks laura 😀 x

  4. You look like Shay Mitchell when your hair was in a ponytail:)

  5. she used a push pin c: ^~^

  6. you just solved my feature wall problem

  7. hey you should make playlist for your DIY, vlog, and ootd on your channel.
    That would be great and very helpful 🙂

  8. This is so cool! What I did, I got paint and I kind of painted all over the
    paper with different colors and i let it dry then i did the folding process
    and it looked super cool! xD

  9. what mascara do you use? btw, you are like, my favourite youtuber! You are
    so innovative and perfect! 🙂

  10. Love that I’ll be hugging and kissing my boyfriend

  11. Sorry landlord hahahaha

  12. Loved It!! Totally Adorbs!!

  13. I’m making this right now!

  14. I just use the NYC liquid liner!

  15. that’s awesome! thank you, i think everyone loves your diy s 😉 x

  16. Could you use a glue stick instead? :/

  17. I love how light your room is! My room is a really dark color. Is their
    anyway to make it feel brighter without painting the walls?

  18. sorry landlord LOOOOOL

  19. Do a playlist:)

  20. you’re so pretty! and cool DIY. i’m gonna make this when i get a new room.

  21. What camera do you use ???btw I love your videos !!!

  22. Oh that is so cute ❤

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