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Dealing with Anxiety: DIY Room Decor, Accessories & Tips! | LaurDIY tutorial video

Another useful video on Home DIY decoration.

WE ABOUT TO GET PERSONAL YO! I've struggled with anxiety my entire life and I know it's something almost everyone has faced at one point or another in their life so hopefully these anxiety related DIYs are helpful to make everyday a little bit easier!!

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DIY Materials
Hanging Photo Line – Urban Outfitters
KeyChain Materials (including glass bottle charm) – Michaels
Beads/Bracelet – Michaels
Pouch – Target

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2315 Whirlpool Street Suite 728
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25 thoughts on “Dealing with Anxiety: DIY Room Decor, Accessories & Tips! | LaurDIY tutorial video

  1. I just wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of you for
    leaving such amazing and supportive comments towards me and others who have
    shared their personal experience with anxiety. I also just wanted to
    address the hate comments, because it’s not just targeting me but also
    everyone else who struggles with anxiety and you guys are my fam, and I am
    NOT down for that. Getting hate comments about my appearance or even my
    personality is whatever and I can take it, but having people accuse me of
    faking it, being full of crap, anxiety not being real etc. etc. is NOT
    okay. Anxiety disorders and mental illness are not to be taken lightly, and
    it horrifies me to see that people have this disgusting stigma towards it.
    These DIYs are affordable and accessible for anyone who might be feeling
    stressed, anxious or even just in need of a little positivity. I’m not
    saying this is going to cure your anxiety I’m just offering my coping
    methods to help keep my outlook on life positive and anxiety at bay. They
    may not be for you, but for many of my viewers there’s already been an
    overwhelming amount of positive feedback saying how these tips are going to
    be helpful for your anxiety. Thanks for reading this huge ass paragraph LOL
    I didn’t mean for it to be this long, but this is something that I’m
    passionate about and I want you to know you’re NOT alone. 

  2. Everyone needs to stop posting hurtful comments.
    People deal with anxiety in SOOO many ways.
    Sure making material things might not help everyone, but guess what?
    It helps some people. Even if it’s one, it could help and Lauren just wants
    to be someone who can help people who deal with what she does. Even if it
    only helps one person.
    And anxiety is not a trend.
    Some people might be paranoid they have anxiety but that’s none of anyone
    No one knows themselves more than themselves.
    So if someone thinks they have anixety. Let them go through that journey
    and support them.

    Nothing is worse than having anxiety and having no support.

    So please. I beg you all to stop being so negative about anixety and this

    It makes people like myself who have anixety feel like there’s no support
    from the community of YouTuber audience members.

    So think before you post.

    Please, we don’t need that.


  3. This is so amazing and I’m going to do this! Ive never talked about it on
    my channel, but ever since I was in elementary school Ive dealt with panic
    attacks. Its NOT fun passing out in large crowds. Its horrible. I love this
    video Laur!!!

  4. I have an extreme fear of spiders and people make fun of me for it. Once my
    class went to this retreat thing and there was a spider in our cabin and I
    had a panic attack. I almost passed out and I couldn’t breathe. It was
    horrible. Everyone made fun of me and even my teachers told me to calm
    down, even though I felt like this was something I couldn’t control. My
    point is, people in the comments are like “If you don’t get anxiety or have
    an anxiety attack all the time, you don’t have anxiety” and that is
    extremely insensitive, considering some people might have major attacks
    every so often, or get triggered by things they don’t have to face all of
    the time. Be considerate and caring before you say things. 

  5. Did anybody else shake Puddles hand?? No? Just me I guess..

  6. I don’t have anxiety and I’ve never had a panic attack in my entire life
    but these are helpful for me when I have a stressful day.

  7. Do you ever have bad hair days? No? Ok. 

  8. anxiety isn’t cute. it isn’t something that can be solved with a key chain
    and pictures. it’s a lot more serious than people realize and I don’t like
    when people toss the term around lightly. I can definitely tell you’ve been
    through shit and I am nothing but supportive for you Lauren. but I know you
    have a lot of subscribers and not all of them really understand anxiety and
    mental illness. I feel like videos like this make it seem trendy or cool to
    have a mental illness when that is the farthest from the truth.
    again, I’m not accusing anyone of lying. I know anxiety is a HUGE issue
    (especially in younger people) and ive had my fair share of troubles. but I
    think it needs to be taken more seriously and not something to add to
    someone’s about me tag line.
    it bothers me when people say things like, “omg i literally cant my anxiety
    is soooo bad like ughhhH” in the same way I hate when people use terms like
    “retarded” and “depressed” as casual terms. these things need to be taken
    seriously and not seen as a trend.
    I guess I’m ranting more about this issue as a whole than this video. this
    just seemed like the right place to say something. 

  9. Anxiety isn’t “cute” or attractive. I should know. I’ve been threatened to
    be dragged to the hospital to be admitted, have been picked up and shoved
    in a car to go TO the hospital, I’ve been literally thrown against the wall
    by the nicest people in the world because I have anxiety and refuse to go
    outside, i get scared going to the hospital to GET treatment. I’m scared to
    help myself. It’s not cute. It’s not a trend. It’s serious. I can’t stand
    people who throw around the word “depressed”, and “suicide”, like It’s
    nothing. I have depression, I’ve attempted suicide, if half of my friends
    knew this, they would stop, but I’m too scared to leave the house. I can’t
    go to school, haven’t gone in months. It’s not cute. It’s serious. It’s so
    serious it causes people to hate themselves and not want to live anymore.
    If you think that’s cute, then their is something wrong with you. I’m not
    trying to be rude to Laur, I love her, I’m just trying to spread awareness
    to all the people who are saying, ” lol, I have anxiety! Am I cool yet?”,
    cause, no you’re not cool, you’re ruining people’s lives. But, otherwise,
    great video Lauren, if you were able to help some people, then that’s an
    accomplishment! <3 Love ya!

  10. And suddenly EVERYONE has anxiety. Seriously, if I was a person who had
    anxiety, I would be offended by the amount of 10 years old who keep going:
    ‘i hav anxiety lol’. Like seriously, just because you had ONE attack
    doesn’t mean you have anxiety.
    Anxiety isn’t cute or attractive and it’s certainly not something you
    should tell the world about either. No hate on the video though, it was

  11. i have social anxiety, some days its really in my control and im really
    easy going but some days i get so damn nervous that i end up trying too
    much or isolating myself in my university bathroom trying to calm myself!
    its terrible! im not taking meds but i use Bach flowers and they make a
    HUUUUGE difference!

  12. Where can you get the supplies to make the message in a bottle key chain?

  13. I don’t really know if this counts as anxiety but I am claustrophobic, I
    only started to get claustrophobic last year when I got locked in a sports
    locker and all the lights were out and no one else was there it was
    terrifying. Any tips?

  14. First of all, I’m super glad that you decided to touch on this topic
    because it’s helpful especially for young people who might not know what
    they are going through. And I also know that this was probably difficult
    for you to talk about to such a large audience. However, I also feel like
    you took a very serious topic and by using funny voices and acting so
    bubbly about it you made it a lot less serious. I feel like this video is
    going to end up with young girls walking around telling people that they
    have anxiety even though they don’t, simply because they think that
    everyone has it, and that it’s just another set of DIYs and Room Decors.

    I mean this in the most polite of ways but I really do think that you
    should have taken a separate video to explain your anxiety story in a much
    more serious manner rather than just making it seem like one of your normal
    videos. I’m sure you meant absolutely no harm but as you and I both know,
    anxiety disorder is a mental illness and not just another reason to craft. 

  15. I feel weird now. I feel like everywhere I look now there are people saying
    they have anxiety. Don’t get me wrong- I’m not saying Laur doesn’t have it,
    or that people in the comments don’t, but I feel like a lot of people think
    they have anxiety, just because they feel anxious from time to time, or had
    like 2 panic attacks in their whole life. Again, I’m not accusing these
    people, I just feel like they understand it in a wrong way. Myself, I feel
    anxious from time to time, since September it’s been getting worse and
    worse, but still I don’t think it’s half as bad as it might be with people
    that truly suffer from it. I’m not trying to say everyone here lies, just
    that we shouldn’t think about our fears or problems as a mental illness.
    But still it’s an amazing video, and I hope it helps everyone who needs it.

  16. My anxiety has gotten so bad to the point where I’ve not left the house in
    2 weeks, had a panic attack in which I couldn’t breathe for 2 minutes and
    my throat started closing in on itself, I’ve had panic attacks in school,
    and quit things I loved because I was deathly petrified of making any
    mistakes. The breathe bracelet and the message in a bottle really helped
    me, but instead of a keychain i made it a necklace.

  17. Laur, I’ve been one of your subscribers for about 7 months now, and I have
    loved every one of your videos. They are cheery, upbeat, and fun, and they
    always brighten my day. (I also love that you are a fellow Canadian!)
    However, until now, I have never commented on any video; I have simply
    enjoyed my passivity as a YouTube viewer. Your video here has touched me
    deeply. I experienced similar difficulties when I moved across Canada for
    university last year. Although, this year I feel much more in control and
    less anxious, anxiety is still a beast I face everyday. I love and
    appreciate your openness with your YouTube family, your willingness to
    constantly share, and your sincere approach to YouTube. Even though I have
    never met you, it is videos like these that make me feel like I have. It is
    videos like these that make me feel truly honoured to be your subscriber; I
    feel like sharing something so personal requires trust and courage, and I
    admire and respect you for it. Please keep up the wonderful work you do
    here. You are great, and I hope to one day cross paths. (: <3 Bridget 

  18. ANXIety is killing me on a daily but I don’t know what to do about it so I
    just hide in my room and only leave for school and it’s awful. Sigh.

  19. It’s like every youtuber has anxiety now days. They always look so happy on

  20. I really think you had really good intentions but I don’t think people
    realize that anxiety is a mental disorder (you know general anxiety
    disorder or panic disorder) and I really wish people would look a little
    more into it before they attach the fact that worry or nervousness is apart
    of everyday life and not anxiety. Anxiety is not a cute little keychain,
    it’s terrifying, and nobody should ever glamorize something like that.


  22. hate to break the mood, but WHERE DID SHE GET HER BACKPACK HOLY

  23. Are you Korean or Chinese or Japanese??

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