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DIY: 3 Holiday Room Decor Ideas! tutorial video

Another useful video on Home DIY decoration.


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DIY 1: Ornament Tree & Holiday Card Display
1) Ornaments – Dollar Store (I used 21 total)
2) Cork Board – Dollar Store (can be found at target, walmart etc.)
3) Hot Glue Gun
4) Holiday Cards!!!!

DIY 2: Glitter Pinecones
1) Pinecones – Dollar Store (they were originally ornaments, but you can obviously use real ones too!)
2) Metallic Spray Paint – Hardware Store (green or red would be cute too!)
3) Mod Podge or Spray Adhesive – Craft Store/Hardware Stores
4) Glitter – Michaels
5) Clear Sealant Spray – Craft Store (optional)
6) Vase/Holder for Pinecones

DIY 3: Hanging Snowflake Chains
1) Plastic Snowflakes – Dollar Store
2) Fishing Line/White Thread – Craft Store (walmart, target etc.)
3) Scissors


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25 thoughts on “DIY: 3 Holiday Room Decor Ideas! tutorial video

  1. so just to address a few things (it doesn’t let me comment back on half the
    comments because of people’s individual setting on google plus)
    -I had this video filmed before beth or mere posted theirs, so there was
    literally no intention of having similar DIYs to others, so please don’t
    make assumptions!
    -canadian thanksgiving already happened, so I won’t be doing any
    thanksgiving videos!

    thanks bebs <3 if you can thumbs up so people stop leaving rude comments
    that would be awesome! love ya'llllll xo 

  2. Iam watching in xmas2014

  3. Loving all your diy projects especially the snowflakes.

  4. Eyebrows on fleek!

  5. Wow that music was horribly annoying. Great video though!

  6. if your looking for another tv obsession i recommend Scorpion on CBS

  7. Awww that’s so awesome❄️

  8. How is it macbarbie much? It’s totally different. Everyone will have the
    same themed videos because it’s the season (I mean duh, everyone’s gonna
    make some type of holiday video) but Lauren totally made her own DIYs
    (Amazing DIYs by the way). You’re an inspiration to us all, including me!
    Loved the video <3

  9. Can you make a holiday room Tour this year? 

  10. What is mod lodge

  11. You are so pretty!

  12. Lets face it you have the best diy’s hands down !!!!!

  13. The song is so creepy 

  14. Those DIYs were so stupid I’m unsubcribing

  15. I love your DIYs :)

  16. im not aloud to listen to christmas music because my mum thinks its bad
    luck, so i listen to it in my room!

  17. i can show you how to make paper snowflakes in my diy room decor video n.n

  18. Do you know how badly you are hurting Thanksgiving’s feelings? You should
    do something celebrating that….

  19. You are really pretty!!!

  20. Love it!!!♡♥♡

  21. When she says laurs, i thought she said whores. I had to re listen 3 times

  22. So good ideas for christmas decorations! 🙂 

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