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DIY: Brandy Melville Wooden Sign | LaurDIY tutorial video

Another useful video on Home DIY decoration.


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1. 8 x 12" Wooden Plank – Home Hardware $6
2. Acrylic Paint – Michaels
3. Wood Stain – Home Hardware $5
4. Masking Tape
5. Scissors
6. Letter Templates OR Printer Paper
7. Paintbrushes

FONT: Roboto – totally said Robotic in the vid oops! size 275
*Helvetic which is already installed on your computer is a great alternative!

SONG: Grizzly Bear Vs. Lupe Fiasco – Two Weeks of Aerials & Varials

ADDING A WIRE HOOK: I left this part out because of the need for power tools that I figured the majority of viewers wouldn't have access too! But in the case that you do have a drill and parental guidance to help you with it, you can drill two holes in the top and wrap a wire around each to make a hanging loop to attach to walls and such!


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25 thoughts on “DIY: Brandy Melville Wooden Sign | LaurDIY tutorial video

  1. Idk if it’s just me but I spent whole day watching every video you have,
    and upon reading the comments, oh Sam Smith song popped up aaaand I KNOW IM

  2. Her chalkboard heart says “kill you” !!!??!!!

  3. Halfway through the video I forgot wat I was watching

  4. mom would kill me if i do these indoors :x

  5. I love your channel Sooo much. I watch one of your videos every single day
    and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of them. I love your channel so much

  6. @laurDIY it would mean the world to me if you replied I love you p.s not in
    a creepy way lol

  7. What kind of wood is this? I picked up a random piece at my local hardware
    store but found out I can’t use wood stain since it’s pressed wood :-/

  8. Mother of all DIY award goes to you 

  9. omg i love you

  10. love it awesome

  11. i made one <3 i love your ideas and in the future i hope to become as
    successful as you. 

  12. Does anyone see the kill you sign at the beginning

  13. Omg I did and love it so much<3 great vid

  14. What are the measurements of the wood??

  15. can i use spray paint instead?

  16. Can you do a video about DIY gift ideas for your boyfriend? thanksieee <3

  17. Can someone tell me which songs are featured in this video? I like these,
    but I don’t know their names and who sang them

  18. This was posted on my b day

  19. I just did this and used spray paint instead of acrylic paint. It doesn’t
    have as crisp an edge as acrylic paint leaves , but I quite like to the
    look where it has bled a little. I’ve done the basic letters and edge but I
    have no idea what to embellish with? Do you have any ideas? 

  20. ayy, fetus Laura

  21. In the back ground a sign said kill you

  22. in the beginning who noticed the chalkboard that said “kill you” hahaha 

  23. Where do you buy your acrylic paint? I like the little bottles 

  24. To stop paint from getting under the paper when doing the letters, you can
    use contact paper (sold with the cabinet liners at stores like Target of
    Walmart) because it’s adhesive on one side 🙂 

  25. Thank you so much I love this video

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