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DIY Holiday Room Decor! Wall Decor & Christmas Advent Calendar tutorial video

Another useful video on Home DIY decoration.

YAY CHRISTMAS!!! thumbs up for the reindeer hat doe

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Santa Tummy Wall Decor
1. Canvas – Dollarstore
2. Red Wrapping Paper – Dollarstore
3. Adhesive Felt – Michaels
4. Gold Scrapbook Paper – Michaels
5. Scissors
6. Tape

Present Wall Decor
1. Canvas – Dollarstore
2. Wrapping Paper – Michaels
3. Ribbon – Michaels
4. Tape
5. Scissors

Wall Garland
1. LED Christmas Lights – Rite Aid
2. Garland – Dollarstore
3. Snowflakes – Dollarstore
4. Polaroids (Taken on an Instax Mini)
5. Mini Clothes Pins – Michaels

Wall Advent Calendar
1. Mini Burlap Pouches – Michaels
2. Garland – Dollarstore
3. Clothes Pins – Michaels

Chingle Bells – Danger Boy
Sweater Party – DJ Topsider

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25 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Room Decor! Wall Decor & Christmas Advent Calendar tutorial video

  1. what was the jingle bell rock remix n the beginning called?

  2. Thought the intro music was gonna be all festive and lovely but then the
    deep voice set in and all the trap beats and I was like “DAMN THIS GURL

  3. Dear Lauren.
    I know you have your plans for the giveaway but i wanted to ask you
    something. You said you are giving back to your subbies and that is
    beautiful, but it will be only one person who get all the presents (one for
    twitter, one for instagram, one for youtube). My idea is to giveaway one
    thing for certain winner? So more ppl would recive your presents. Sorry for
    bothering, anyways, thank you so much ILY ♡♡♡

  4. +LaurDIY I love you soo much, I love canada!!♥♥ you’re reindeer hat is SOO
    AWSOME ! I absolutley love it ! Hope you reply. I twited you:)

  5. I love all of the diys!! They are so cute, and I can’t wait to fill my room
    with them

  6. It’s never to early to decorate for Christmas heck I wanted to start
    decorating in the beginning of October! Love you❤️ this was amazing

  7. I love you Laur so much, I love your personality, I love your videos, I
    love how you always think about your subscribers and I love your giveaways!

    I can’t find the first song anywhere! I know what it’s called, I just can’t
    find it. Can someone link it or something please :)

  9. Is it too late to get something for christmas from you???

  10. Hi!
    I’m sorry but I don’ habe twitter. :(. But you are so great and one oft my
    favorite youtubers

  11. Could you use something besides a canvas?

  12. Seeong as I don’t have a twitter Im gonna do it on here. What I would like
    for Christmas is a laptop. Sorry its so expensive but I couldn’t think of
    anything else (: 

  13. Dear Lauren
    All I want for Christmas is some awesome room decor or any king of art
    supplies. I really love this stuff. It would be awesome if I got some
    candles <3

  14. I love your 4 easy christmas ideas and gifts !!! By the way I LOVE your
    reindeer hat !!! 

  15. Are you Buddhist?

  16. Can you pleeassssee do a video on how you do your eyebrows??

  17. Sorry I want a ipad

  18. Dear Lauren,
    I know you’re probably busy but please help me, I really like this guy but
    he has a girlfriend and I don’t know how he feels about me, I don’t know
    what to do about it and I scared he doesn’t like me. I’ve been getting a
    lot of advice but none helped because all I’ve been getting was ” ask him
    out ” but I’m to scared please help me!!!
    Thx your the best


  19. In the beggining your like my sister

  20. I love you Laur so much, I love your personality, I love your vids and I
    love your giveaways!

  21. 6:47 How this called? :O You know…Dat thing that you drink water? Is it
    water? I think it’s water… 😛 Dunno Pleasee caan you tell me 😀 

  22. I want a iPhone and I don’t have a twitter

  23. Dear lauren

    You are the absolute queen at diys and you are beautiful I have always
    wanted a macbook pro as I nred a new laptop for holiday

    Merry Christmas love rachael xxx

  24. Does anyone know the song that was playing at 5:28 I already checked the
    description box, but couldn’t find it or maybe I just missed something?

  25. do you have a cold

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