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DIY Room Decor: Christmas Lights to Bubble Lights tutorial video

Another useful video on Home DIY decoration.


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1. Ping Pong Balls – Walmart (you can buy them in bulk for super cheap on amazon as well!)
2. LED Christmas Lights – Rite Aid
Ping pong balls are flammable, so make sure you're using LED lights which don't heat up!!
3. Xacto Knife

DJ TopSider – Above (Sleigh Bells x Frank Ocean x St. Lucia x CHVRCHES x Ryan Hemsworth)

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25 thoughts on “DIY Room Decor: Christmas Lights to Bubble Lights tutorial video

  1. huge question: is the yellow tint from the light due to the color of the
    light or the color of the ping pong balls? Great tutorial :)

  2. Are these flammable if I hang them under see-though curtains? 

  3. OMG this is amazing

  4. If I were t hang the lights on my walls or furniture what would be the best
    thing to use to not damage the walls or my furniture??? -thx luv from FL <3

  5. lol why are people attacking her? many people (including me) don’t have
    pinterest so I haven’t come across this, thanks for the DIY :)

  6. Quick holiday decorating hack: Transform your boring string of lights into
    conversation starting bubble lights!

  7. It’s not flammable right?

  8. a potatoe flew around my room be4 u came
    cause i’ve been thinkin bout potatoes yeahh

  9. Is this safe ? Will the ping pong bolls not burn of the heat that the
    Christmas lights have ?

  10. Is that flammable..?

  11. DIY Room Decor: Christmas Lights to Bubble Lights

  12. ????????????????

  13. Does she live in Toronto ?

  14. can you die the ping pong balls or will that not work

  15. Is this safe???

  16. i can`t find that song help me :(

  17. Hi. Regarding a question that was already asked. What are the light colours
    ? Is it white light or yellow. Looking forward to trying this. Thanks x

  18. Thanks for this and to everyone talking about how this already on
    Pinterest, I don’t have a Pinterest and a video is more helpful so stop
    being unnecessarily rude.

  19. would they catch on fire?

  20. Idea dreams!!! Thank you… A short time ago time I have created a channel
    on yt and I would be honoured if you it was coming to see. Baci8 tvb

  21. Where did you get the Skull Head from?

  22. Wow! That is so simple and very pretty! Need to watch out for some LED

  23. great idea!! 🙂 xoxo

  24. Such a great idea. Love it!

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