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DIY Spring Room Decor & Wall Decor + Tumblr Inspired | LaurDIY tutorial video

Another useful video on Home DIY decoration.

SOMEONE TAKE ME SOMEWHERE HOT ASAP LOL hope you guys enjoyed this spring room decor DIY! I'm SO ready for spring and now my condo is too!! XO

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DIY Materials
Cactus Rocks
1. Rocks – Michaels/Outdoors
2. Acrylic Paint
3. Pot – Dollar Store
4. Sand – Michaels

Flower Chain Frame
1. Frame – Michaels
2. Flower Chains – Dollar Store
3. Push Pins – Dollar Store

Flower Initial
1. Foam Core Board – Michaels
2. Flowers – Dollar Store
3. Hot Glue Gun
4. X-Acto Knife

PO BOX (I'm Canadian but my PO Box is in the US!)
2315 Whirlpool Street Suite 728
Niagara Falls, NY

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25 thoughts on “DIY Spring Room Decor & Wall Decor + Tumblr Inspired | LaurDIY tutorial video

  1. such cute DIY’s! xox

  2. Hi, i’m from Australia and winter is almost non existent 

  3. Im from CT and omg the weather was horrible it would like -7 while im
    waiting for my school bus I hate the winter! cant wait till im 18 for I can
    move to Cali! :)

  4. DIY’s to organize your closet? 😀 Mine is a mess D’: haha.

  5. Why is she so sad its winter? In malaysia its like a 100 degrees. I almost
    fainted today bc it was so hot

  6. Im from croatia and we have really windy winters which is even worse than
    cold rainy weather! I love your colorful walls :)

  7. Give the cactus rock to Oli white, he’ll eat it, he just did in a video,
    please tell me someone knows what I’m talking about

  8. australian winter is like 25 degrees

  9. I thoaght that where real cactussus in the intro

  10. Omg you’re so lucky!!

  11. Greek winter was sunny and chilly this year… But it snowed (super
    lightly) once! Yeesss!!

  12. Team France!!!!
    I’m from France (near Paris) and winter was cold but notre too cold, kind
    of windy and cloudy and rainy. Weather is not really good on Paris. But de
    van see spring is coming! Finally!!!

  13. Anyone ready to support each others channels??? Small you tubers :)

  14. Love the kimono!!! Wondering if you could make a video of your kimono
    collection, they’re all so cute

  15. I feel ya. Went there for Christmas break. From Michigan. #MichiganGirl

  16. I’m actually really close to you!!!! We did have one day that was -43
    outside tho, and I think it was without the windchill oh Canada

    EVER EVER HAPPENS IN MARCH!!!!!!! I’m so happy! We still have lots of snow
    on the ground but now I can wear a sweater outside without being super
    cold!! It’s crazy!!! But I love it haha #CanadianProblems #AmericansAreLucky

  18. My favourite one is the flowered inisual one and I like in London and it
    didn’t snow but it was cold

  19. do yall know what that knife is called ???


  21. I’m 4hrs away from Toronto winter has been brutal in my tiny town too

  22. It was 90 degrees in San Diego today and while that’s exciting, I’d rather
    much experience snow.

  23. Go here in the Philippines haha

  24. I just found out In coming to YTFF 2015! I can’t wait to see you!

  25. How old are you

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