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DIY: Tiered Jewelry Stand tutorial video

Another useful video on Home DIY decoration.

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DIY Jewelry Holder Frame:…

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24 thoughts on “DIY: Tiered Jewelry Stand tutorial video

  1. oh my god!!! like if your watching in 2k15!!!! hahaha omg. hahaha. im so

    not. ps this is all sarcasm’

  2. I made this! I used a mason jar as the top tier and I put some flowers at
    the top! I couldn’t find a clear plate so I used white and it turned out
    pretty cool! Thanks for the great diy laur I love your channel!! 

  3. wow.. loved the idea… ive learned something frm u today.. tnks..

  4. I made one, thanks for this video

  5. I love love love this idea definitely going to try it!!!!

  6. Where can you get those electric glues? Seems really effective .

  7. mine made with my glue gun fell apart. i used a glass glue and it fell
    apart. i’m going to try my e6000 now and I’ve seen some on YT are using
    gorilla glue. I have the e6000 already so i’m going to try that. i use it
    on my craft table. i hope yours held together.

  8. Sooooo thankful you made a YT channel and that I found you and

  9. I think I might possibly try this with a taller piece between the bottom
    and second tier to give a little extra room. It looks so nice!

  10. “They were a dollar each at the dollar store “………… NO

  11. This is really cute! Thanks for this tutorial! I have to make this!!!

  12. Love this idea…this came out pretty. I. Going to try this. 

  13. I want to try this and your other diys out. Is it ok to make a video on my
    channel and tell everyone i got the ideas from you? And also have them
    check you out?

  14. believe it or not I came to this video because I wanted to make a Candy
    buffet for my party well now I know what to do with them after the party :
    ). Saves money because the party place where I am at rents them for like
    thirty bucks!

  15. you have dead eyes

  16. OMG!! good job! BTW can you use plastic plates?

  17. are these strong enough ti hold nail polish? i wanna try it!!

  18. They were a $1 each! From the dollar store? That’s crazy to pricey for me

  19. Hahaha when she put the plates up it made her face look funny!! Hahaha

  20. this is sooooo cool

  21. I would try it for sure 

  22. you didn’t blink for a solid 17 seconds

  23. A very cool idea! Love it, will definitely try it!

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