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DIYs to Get Organized for Spring! DIY Room Decor for Jewelry +More! | LaurDIY tutorial video

Another useful video on Home DIY decoration.

yay another episode of the #laurdecor series!! so glad you guys are enjoying these & hopefully these DIYs help you stay a little more organized xoxo don't forget to let me know what you would like to receive from me in next week's giveaway!!

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the #laurdecor room decor series!…

DIY Materials
Urban Outfitters Inspired Tray
1. Wood – Hardware Store ($3.50 – I asked for a base that was 9×12" and sides to match)
2. Scrapbook Paper – Michaels
3. Hot Glue
4. Wood Stain – Hardware Store

West Elm Inspired Branch Jewelry Organizer
1. Branches
2. Spray Paint – Michaels

Hot Tools Organizer
1. Organizer – IKEA
2. Scrapbook Paper – Michaels
3. Spray Adhesive – Michaels

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25 thoughts on “DIYs to Get Organized for Spring! DIY Room Decor for Jewelry +More! | LaurDIY tutorial video

  1. Im definitely using that jewelry tree DIY for my apartment. Low key was
    just about to buy one like that, but NOT ANYMORE lol :P

  2. Laur you should make #laurganized a hashtag


  4. your diys are always great! ily <3

  5. I have an important question.. How do you say straw in Spanish? o.o

  6. “And the branches were… free.” HAHA.

  7. Were u sick doing the voice over ?

  8. Victoria Secret bathing suit and sunglasses for the giveaway!!!! Plz and
    thank you

  9. AMAZING VIDEO!! I have no clue how you continuously think of these
    amazingly innovative DIYs!!

  10. Mabye some nicely priced gift cards in the giveaway? just a thought. Love
    you so much!!!!

  11. does anyone know what song is playing at 5:50? :)

  12. In the giveaway I wanna see your sweather that says YouTubing is my cardio

  13. A one of the kind DIY, make up and one of your sweatshirts!

  14. Loved it. A phone case for the give away or a MacBook Pro 13 inch. 

  15. You really really really really really really like that song… 

  16. Materials for cool DIYs you do because their amazing (for your giveaway)

  17. That moment when I have the same cardstock paper as you :)

  18. Wait… live in downtown Toronto? I’m new to this amazing channel and
    I swear I saw you walking down the street….

  19. When you talk, you raise your right eyebrows…

  20. whats the second song in the intro??

  21. for the give a way maybe a laptop or craft supplies 

  22. hi omg what a fun song at 0:34 I know him from somewhere but can not
    remember what it’s called ??

  23. NAKED palette? Maybe to expensive doe.

  24. I would like a new makeup set bc it’s my bday the 9th of April

  25. Your diy’s are the best, you’re so original i love it ♡

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